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Impress at Web Summit.......
So you are coming to Dublin for Web Summit but with a schedule that is fast filling up with meetings, networking, chasing investors, pitching to investors, finding the next best thing in tech, pub crawls, and more networking are you really going to get a chance to explore historic Dublin? 

So here’s a snapshot view of some of the lesser known facts about Dublin that if you get time to check out, awesome, but if not just drop these one liners into conversations with the locals and you’re bound to impress.

1.    Bono is legally entitled to graze sheep in St Stephens Green Park – a luxury afforded upon those who receive the keys to the city – keep an eye out for the man himself about the pubs during Web Summit week!

2.    Dublin was founded as a ‘modern’ city by the Vikings around 840 – after a years of invading and raiding they realised, ‘hey this aint such a bad place, locals are friendly, weathers not so bad, let’s stick around’ and so Dublin or Dyflin as it was then known was born – so if you are wondering about those Viking Splash Tour buses you see going around, it’s all connected!

3.    Whilst Oscar Wilde’s burial site may be adorned by lipstick in Paris, his original home growing up as a child was on Merrion Square in Dublin – one of 5 Georgian Squares in the city – and also once a home of famous poet W.B. Yeats. 

4.    Wondering what the tall pointy thing is on O’Connell St? Well that would be our Spire, built to commemorate Dublin’s millennium and symbolises a ray of light coming out of the sky guiding us into the new millennium!!

5.    Actually speaking of O’Connell St, did you know it is the widest street in Europe!! Some might say wait a minute doesn’t the Champs Elysee hold that title? Well to get into technicalities….the Champs is an Avenue and not a street!!!

6.    Arthur Guinness was one of Ireland’s sharpest property investors and back in 1759 he signed a 9,000 year lease at £45 per annum for the unused brewery he had earlier purchased. If searching for a good spot for a pint of Guinness in the city, keep an eye out for my colleague, Deirdres, upcoming blog......

7.    Back in the 17th century Dublin had a thriving silk industry.… leap forward to the 21st century and now the city is a thriving Digital Hub and home to 8 of the top ‘Born on the Internet’ companies – how times have changed! (Dublin: Internet Capital of Europe)

Fancy learning some more random facts about Dublin and more on our thriving tech industy?

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Aimée Williams – Emerging Business Team Dublin @AimeeWilliamsIE

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