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The dust has settled, the traffic has returned to normal and the 23,000 plus individuals who gathered at the RDS, Dublin for the 2014 Web Summit have slowly filtered back to their offices, labs, innovation hubs and workshops around the world. Most, probably glad to relax their weary bodies after a hectic week of networking and extra-curricular activities around Ireland.
It is time now to sit back, have a look through your new catalogue of contacts and reflect on what you have learnt from this year’s event. 


Here at IDA Ireland's Emerging Business team we have compiled a list of    5 key take home points from the “the best technology conference on the planet”.

  1. “Networking, Networking, Networking” The Web Summit is a perfect example of how important networking opportunities are, whether it be in the form of a start-up talking to an investor or a volunteer talking to an established CEO these connections are all essential.   Remember a connection you make today may lead to an opportunity tomorrow. So for next year hone in on your networking skills.
  2. Be Prepared - It is easy to enter the Web Summit and become overwhelmed by the size and scale of the event. Next year, I would suggest making a plan. In it you should 1. Identify what talks you want to attend. 2. Who you want to talk to and 3. Why you want to talk to them.
  3. Trends and Products - It is essential for starts-ups and investors to know the upcoming technology trends and know how the product or service you are offering or investing in will fit in with these trends. The tech industry is fast moving so if you are not up to speed you will be left behind.
  4. “Location, Location, Location” - For the IDA we hope that the Web Summit showcased #whyIreland is the best place in the world to invest and showed how Ireland is positioning itself to become a world leader in the Internet of Things, Big Data, ICT Skills, Energy Efficiency, Health Innovation and Cloud Computing. Learn more here
  5. Have Fun - Remember to enjoy yourself. It’s a once a year event so get involved, join the pub crawls, attend the Surf Summit, have a pint of Guinness, embrace Ireland’s unique culture and have the “Craic”. 

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