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There is no shortage of great pubs in Dublin, offering quality beer and great “craic”, but if you are in town for a limited time, here are my top 5 spots for an excellent pint of Guinness and a taste of Dublin. All in the city centre to make it easy for you:


Just incase you didn't know what Guiness looks like!

1. Grogans Castle Lounge, South William Street. Quality Guinness and for “soakage”, if one pint turns to two or three, a toasted ham and cheese sangwich (cos that’s how we say it) made with love by the barman (I am not saying they are particularly good toasties, they are strictly for soakage purposes).  Put your weary feet up on a dirty barstool, put your smartphone away - with no TVs and no loud music, its perfect for chats with fellow travellers or indeed the locals.

2. O Donoghues, Merrion Row.  Settle into a snug or take a bench in the back bar and be prepared to join in an impromptu sing song – be sure to know the lyrics of at least one good “sing-song-song” to take part. Great outdoors area which even has a roof. Bono is rumoured to have the odd pint here, not sure if that’s a pro or a con, your call!

3. Guinness Storehouse – Gravity Bar, St James Gate.  Don’t think this needs much explanation. Have a pint from the source! You have to do the tour to get access to the bar which includes a free pint.  The tour is great in itself, you can even pull your own pint and the views from the Gravity Bar are pretty awesome.

4. Kehoes, South Anne Street. A Dublin institution, that serves good Guinness and good taytos (which is what us Irish refer to all crisps or chips for our US friends ) On a busy night, the crowd spills onto the street from both Kehoes and neighbouring bars creating an easy going street party. Over 200 years old and probably not renovated since, keeps its old style feel with a young fun crowd. Try grabbing the snug up front where women used to hide to drink their pints back in the day when it was inappropriate for them to do so.



Keoghes Pub on South Anne Street


5. Mulligans Poolbeg Street. Walk a little further towards the river to what is reputed to be the best pint in the city, tucked away behind Tara Street Train Station. Traditionally a haunt for journalists, you might snag some coverage for your start-up if you bump into the right person. But don’t overdo it or you will annoy the “auld fellas” who are just there to enjoy a pint of the black stuff.
If this isn’t enough for you thirsty travellers – here are a few more recommendations from our friends in @lovindublin


 A pint of the lack stuff                          Barack Obama lifts a pint of Guiness

Our Emerging Business team are based in Dublin and would be more than delighted to meet you for coffee or a pint of Guinness and tell you more about the work we do with the international tech companies in Ireland :)

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