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It seems you can’t go a week without hearing about a hack attack, a leak, a breach or the #cybersecurity sector phrase of the day “it’s not IF you get hacked, it’s WHEN you get hacked!!”.

The explosion of data is leading to increased #cyberthreats and according to Kevin Hogan of @Symantec (who spoke recently at a Cyber Threat Summit in Dublin) "more moving parts = more risks". We are all at risk; size & sector don’t matter, all companies are being hacked - hackers do not discriminate

So in light of the number of devices that will be pouring into Dublin next week (with the onset of the 30,000 #WebSummit goers), coupled with open wifi networks, gps settings, wearables etc., have you fully thought through protecting yourself against a cyber-attack??

From talking to my contacts in the industry and attending the Cyber Threat Summit in Dublin  last month I picked up some tips to share with you:

TIP #1:Turn off your Bluetooth and location tracking if not required

  • Are you aware of how much data you are broadcasting? Data shows that 20% of apps transmit user credentials in clear text (i.e. no encryption); therefore anyone listening to these apps can easily intercept usernames and passwords!! 

TIP #2: Check for a Privacy Policy

  • Make sure any apps you download have a privacy policy in place. This ensures your data cannot be passed to a third party without your consent and will be treated under data protection standards.

TIP #3: Do NOT re-use usernames and passwords

  • We are all guilty of this but it is really, really easy for hackers to work out your combinations and hack in to your accounts. It is a lot safer to store this information in a Password Manager rather than re-using the data.

TIP #4: Lock your screen

  • Think about this, would you ever leave your house for the day without locking the front door? Why not? Because of the potential threat. Think of your phone in the same way and never leave it unlocked.

TIP #5: Be aware of your digital footprint

  • We are haemorrhaging information on social media websites and the cyber-criminals are loving this. So be mindful of the information you are giving out as evidence shows that the criminals are using it. Awareness is key to preventing cyber threats.

Overal the message seems simple: be prepared, have a plan in place, stay vigilant and raise awareness amongst friends and colleagues. And if you are attending this year’s #WebSummit in #Dublin be sure to check out some of the talks on the topic at the Enterprise Summit.

Also interesting to note that #Ireland is home to a growing cluster of CyberSecurity companies including Symantec, Fireeye, AlienVault, eSentire, IDT911 and McAfee

Want to learn more about what these companies are doing in Ireland? Click on the below to reach out to us.

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