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On a recent trip out to Dublin City University we gained an Insight (excuse the pun) in to Ireland’s leading research centre for the study of data analytics - The Insight Centre.

Insight itself is a collaborative organisation which stemmed from a joint initiative between Ireland’s leading research universities and over 30 industry partners, ranging from small Irish start-ups to large multinational companies (MNCs). Its core research themes include Linked Data, Media Analytics, Recommender Systems, Personal Sensing, Semantic Web, Decision Analytics and Reasoning.

The purpose of the visit was to see how existing/potential clients of IDA Ireland would possibly benefit from Insight’s client specific / tailored made research approach. We aimed to identify key characteristics that would stand out to any company, in any industry, looking to begin or expand their research in data analytics and the Insight centre certainly didn’t let us down.

What we discovered is that:

  1. Insight is a unique research organisation which focuses on commercial exposure.
  2. Insight  LOVES data and is ideas focused meaning it provides application focused research to generate industry specific knowledge and technologies.
  3. Insight provides top research expertise - with over 300 researchers from 8 different 3rd level Institutes and €88m in funding over 6 years, the potential research capabilities and collaborations are endless.
  4. Insight provides opportunity for Industry partnership, with a proven track record in commercialization and a deep pool of industry informed talent.
  5. Insight provides favourable costs -- it will fund two-thirds of a project by matching industry cash 2 to 1 as well as providing state of the art research facilities.
  6. Insight can work with both EU and non EU based companies, without restriction on targeted projects.
  7. Insight provides a favourable IP framework which is designed to ensure that foreground IP is managed and easily accessed for exploitation by Insight’s partner companies, in keeping with Ireland’s national IP protocol.


Notable projects that we had the privilege of observing on our visit focused on the real-time analysis of water quality (Aquawarn- sensing platform for water quality monitoring) and the real time analysis of athlete’s hydration levels during training. Each project is innovative and ground breaking in its own right and fundamentally shows the capabilities of Insight to create a data-driven society and to transform large amounts of raw data into valuable insights that can inform better decisions about society, government, healthcare and the global economy.

The Emerging Business Team would like to extend their thanks to Dr. Joanne Dolan and Prof. Noel O'Connor for showing us around the Insight Centre.

For more information on the Insight Centre visit

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