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What you may not know about Ireland!

So I’m on the journey home from a fantastic trip to SXSW Interactive where lots of meaningful & valuable contacts were made and existing relationships further deepened. We made a big effort to raise the profile of Ireland and even had our Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Enda Kenny, join us for a day. Check out the pics of our Team at SXSW on our Facebook page.

However what struck me from talking to people from all over of the US, from New Orleans to Colorado, from East to West coasts and indeed the Texan's themselves, were some simple, light-hearted things they did not know about Ireland!

With that in mind I thought it might be fun to share some of these and dispel any doubts or myths cast upon our Emerald Isle!!

1.    In Ireland we do not have any killer animals, no snakes (St Patrick banished them), no tigers, no bears, no deadly spiders, no scorpions and the list goes on….

2.    In Ireland we do not pump hormones into our animals. Our cattle, sheep, goats are all hormone free and what’s more the majority of our cows (95%) are green-grass fed.

3.    In Ireland we do not drink green beer, this is an absolute no no!!

4.  In Ireland, we do not have trains to London!  (Yes I was asked this on more than one occasion!) Ireland is a separate island and country on the Western edge of Europe with great flight connections to the USA, UAE and all major European cities.

5.  In the Republic of Ireland, we do not have British rule. Ireland is completely independent of Great Britain and the UK.

6.   In Ireland we do not have $'s or £'s - we have the EURO (€) – in fact we are the only English speaking country in Europe using euros!

7.    And lastly, especially given the week that has just past, in Ireland, we absolutely, unequivocally do not celebrate Pattys Day! In fact we don’t know what this is, to us March 17th is St Patricks Day, Paddy’s Day or in gaelic "Lá Fhéile Pádraig”, end of!!


So what do we have?

 - An abundance of young human capital wealth – it is free to go to 3rd level college in Ireland and over half our population are under the age of 35!!!

- Spectacular scenery with some of the world’s best beaches - fact!

 - The best Guinness in the world and if you want to know where in Dublin to go, check out Dee’s blog.

 - Some of the world’s friendliest and happiest people :)

- A booming technology sector – the TOP 10 born on the internet companies all have operations in Ireland

- A welcoming & pro-business government here to help with any questions you have an Ireland, just drop us a line or  read more here

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Slán go fóill

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