Blog Article 13 Apr 2015

Gateway to Europe is an industry led group of professionals from Ireland who will be showcasing the various reasons why Ireland should be your first port of call when setting up your operations outside of the US.  The event will take place at 1871 on Wednesday 15th April 2015 and will discuss all the benefits to setting up your international operations in Ireland.  Key professionals will be on hand to discuss all issues relating to international expansion from recruitment to tax and legal.  This event will prove to be the go to networking event for tech companies ready to make the launch into Europe.

There are many reasons to locate your tech company in Ireland. Dublin, the capital of Ireland is referred to as ‘the Silicon Docks of Europe’.  Over the past sixteen years many of the world’s biggest tech firms have opened offices in Dublin such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Groupon to name but a few.  Dublin is now home to over 150 fast growth companies such as Zendesk, Adroll, Etsy, Daqri and the list goes on.  See the image below for a selection of fast growing companies.

Dublin is also home to a strong entrepreneurial tech scene and has seen the rise of companies such as Foodcloud, Soundwave and Datahug to name but a few.   The surge in tech companies in Ireland is testament to the fact that Dublin is a perfect fit for them.  From highly skilled graduates to a buzzing cultural mix, opportunities abound in Dublin for tech companies.

There is a real eco-system in Dublin that is a unique environment for any tech company to be part of. Tech professionals flock to the city looking to work in our vibrant silicon docks and tech meet-ups and hack nights in local bars are common.  It is no wonder that the Websummit conference in Dublin held every November is one of the largest tech go-to events in the world and sees many V’Cs, tech companies and influencers in this space come to Dublin to be a part of it. 

To find out more regarding Ireland as a tech powerhouse, register for the Gateway to Europe networking lunch at 1871 on April 15th 2015 to hear more and network with experienced advisors.  IDA Ireland will be speaking at it and look forward to meeting you there.

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