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It is no wonder that Data analytics and IoT is set to have its own stage at this year’s #WebSummit 2015.  The buzz terms such as data analytics, data science, big data, fast analytics and real time analytics have become hot topics in which all companies are in a race to the starting point.  The journey for data science is only beginning and big data is evolving at such a rate that it is hard to see where it will have evolved to in ten years from now. 

With the development of new and disruptive technology, data and how it is interpruted and manipulated is changing.  From an employment perspective, new roles are being created at such a pace that it is hard to keep up.  In the past, one might have had business analysts reading data. Then real time analytics came on the scene which produced vasts amount of information up to the minute which replaced batch filing. Suddenly companies had vasts amounts of information at their fingertips that they found hard to interpret. 

Data mining came about as a result and now a new role has been coined the ‘data scientist’.  This is an interesting role as there has been no defined career path for such a position.  People come from all backgrounds into these roles from both industry and academic. Big Data and analytics span all sectors of society and industry making these roles extremely diverse.  The data and analytics within these sectors may be different but the skill set required for them is the same.

#Ireland is well placed for analytic operations and many multinationals are located here carrying out advanced analytics.  There are also many Irish companies that work within and specialise in the big data/analytics space.  The coming together in Ireland of both indigenous and multinational companies in relation to big data and analytics creates an interesting ecosystem which in turn is growing the collaboration between these companies and academic institutions.  The likes of the Insight Centres and the CeADAR research centre at UCD provide interesting and cutting edge collaboration projects.  Take a look at the slide below to see a snapshop of companies carrying out analytic functions in Ireland.

The Big Data science summit taking place at Web Summit this year will prove to be an on trend topic covering everything from big data in IoT, Data Design & UI, Distributed Computing and wearables.  What will be interesting to see are the disruptive technologies that are out there and how they are developing in order to allow people who are not data scientists to run predictive analytics and how big data will become easily accessed and incorporated into daily life in time.

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