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Galway is Ireland’s fastest growing city and named many times as the best place to live in Ireland. It is a young city given the 25,000 third level students at the University  and Institute of Technology . As a 3rd level graduate myself from Galway I can personally vouch for the city’s bohemian vibrancy.

GMIT_CampusUCG Galway Campus


GMIT Campus Galway 

 Galway University

Galway City was originally a small fishing village and became a walled town in 1232. Some sections of the original town walls still stand at Spanish Arch.  The city became known as the ‘City of the Tribes’ after the 14 merchant families who led the city when Richard II transferred power in 1396.  The city prospered for many years given its strategic coastal location but entered a long period of decline when Cromwell came to power in 1651.


Spanish Arch Galway

Galway has since regained its prosperity and its long and colourful past is evident in the style of the present day city of Galway.

Known globally as the home to the Claddagh Ring (symbol of love and friendship), Aran sweaters as well as the many traditional music and food festivals ; Galway is a hive of activity all year round. Things I love to do in Galway range from visiting a traditional pub on a cold wet day to relax with live trad music sessions or during the summer I always try to get to the Galway races for a really fun day out. One of my favourite summer festivals is the Galway Arts Festival . Whatever the season Galway city has something for everyone.


          Galway Pub on Shop Street                                       Oyster tasting 


Galway Races 

The influx of Foreign Direct Investment has added more colour and diversity to Galway city. The recent surge in early stage fast growing tech companies establishing in Galway has confirmed the city’s reputation as a leading location from which to do business. Today Galway is a focussed global centre of activity for companies such as SAP, Cisco, Avaya, Medtronic, EA, Boston Scientific, IBM,HP, and Oracle. One of the most recent companies to come in Galway is the Massachusetts based company Smartbear who has established its European HQ in the city.

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