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The Irish Matriarch

The personification of resilience, fortitude and triumph through adversity, she is the backbone of a country rich in the histories of art, culture and enterprise. She represents the strength, courage andconviction of countless generations of explorers, pioneers and adventurers. She embodies a culture embraced around the world and inspires a proud nation of writers, artists,musicians and performers of international renown, and a skilled workforce of entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries - all born to an Irish mammy.

Is it any wonder that ambitious and progressive international tech giants led by strong and gifted women find a kindred spirit when they set up operations in Ireland? Global brands like Paypal, Vodafone, Microsoft, Apple and Airbnb..

International high growth tech companies are also reaping the benefits of equal opportunity in the Irish market with industry leaders like Christina O'Connell (ThinkSmart), Marguerite O’Grady (Kemp Technologies) and Gaia Dempsey (Daqri) to name a few examples of our tech talent - all inspiring international success and expansion.


Female Leaders

A recent University of Cambridge study has ranked Ireland fifth worldwide for female economic power. As reported in the Irish Independent, female networks such as Growing For Growth, NRDC Female Founders and DCU's Female Propeller initiatives are swelling in numbers, providing young women with visible and accessible role models. Schools are making a concerted effort to encourage women into STEM (science, technology, education and maths), coding and business modes.1

This should come as no surprise as women have always played a central role in Irish society. We are a nation of performers from the stage to the boardroom, with women standing shoulder to shoulder under the limelight and best exemplified at #SXSW last year, 2016, when Noeline Kavanagh and Sharon O’Grady,  lead the creative and strategic direction of the wonderful Macnas Spectacle and Street Performance Company. Check out last years performance here.




Diversity: We are proud to welcome all forms of diversity, proud to be the first country in the world to pass same-sex marriage into law by public referendum, proud to be the first country in the world to vote into power consecutive female Presidents, Mary Robinson and Mary McAleese, and proud to see the former go on to become the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and Envoy on Climate Change.

Influence: There is still work to be done to redress the balance of power in the senior boardrooms and strategic direction of the corporate world, Ireland included, but inspired by our foremothers we must insist that all women of all nations and all backgrounds have equal opportunities in all aspects of Irish society not just because it’s a basic human right but because when talent is valued over gender, it guarantees Ireland will continue to punch above it’s weight in economic and politic influence for generations to come.

International Women’s Day

With March 8th designated as International Women’s Day, this subject has never felt more relevant and topical. No doubt social media feeds will buzz with content about women in power over the next few days. Hopefully you will find these articles inspiring and aspirational. However it’s important to remember is that this is not just another fad or trend. This is a social cause that will continue to evolve and the story is only just beginning.

Ireland. Proud to endorse an inclusive corporate culture.

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