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Join us in the Irish Embassy, Grosvenor Place, London next Wednesday 25th May from 3.30pm till 6.30pm for an exclusive networking event.

Guest speakers on the evening include Ron Spector (CEO Circini Innovation) and Nicole Anderson (CEO FINTECH Circle Innovate and member of the Top 100 women in Fintech 2015) as well as a panel discussion and plenty of opportunity to network. 

Register now to participate in what is sure to be a lively and interesting debate.


Guest speakers:

Ron Spector – CEO Circini Innovation, San Francisco
Ron will talk about some lessons learnt in disruption, corporate innovation and venture as a power broker for innovation ecosystems.

Ron Spector is the founder and managing director of Circini Innovation - a Silicon Valley headquartered boutique advisory firm focusing on provision of strategic innovation and corporate venture services to large international enterprises. He is an advisor and the Silicon Valley venture representative to a number of large enterprises in the financial services, retail and media sectors including ANZ Bank, Wesfarmers, Vicinity Centres, Coles, Samsung, ATV and others.

Nicole Anderson – CEO FINTECH Circle Innovate, London
Nicole will discuss how innovators, regulators and incumbents can lead in the creation of a future roadmap in finance.

A FinTech founder and entrepreneur, mentor and advisor with a strong track record at board and general management level across international markets.
Nicole has a deep industry capability in Financial Technology markets – payments, wholesale banking, transaction services, forex; retail and supply chain.

Panel Discussion
Ron and Nicole will be joined on the panel by Ian Ellis from Microsoft Ventures and together they will debate who are the real power brokers in the Fintech scene. Audience participate is welcome and encouraged.

Some of the topics and questions the panel will consider include:

  1. How should the financial services industry be shaped for the future?

  2. FinTech companies are gaining ground and for many more established players, $20BN invested into FinTech companies in 2016 alone. 
    What are the positive and negative effects of this?

  3. Corprate Venture has been used as a vehicle for corporations to access innovation which in turn as lead to the Corporate emerging as a major force in the FinTech innovation ecosystem. Is this a good or bad thing?

  4. Consumers have become more empowered and regulators more open. Who are the real power brokers?

  5. How have financial innovation ecosystems evolved?

The panel discussion will be followed by networking drinks from 5.30pm - 6.30pm. 

Register now to participate in what is sure to be a lively and interesting debate. 

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