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You have your bags packed and your pitch perfected. You are on your way to #Dublin for the Web Summit. Your diary is full, you have your energy drinks & business cards ready. You have practised saying “Top of the mornin to you” and “It was great craic”. You are excited and as we say in Ireland “rarin’ to go”.

Now admit are secretly hoping at the bottom of your heart to see an Irish leprechaun - a little bearded man, wearing a green coat, a black belt with a gold buckle & with a hidden pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. We have all heard the stories. In fact, we Irish play up to it every March on Paddys day, and it comes in very handy for fancy dress ideas throughout the year! 

However, I am sorry to say, your chances are slim. The auld leprechauns are rarely spotted & chasing rainbows is a tough business. 

BUT, we don’t want you to be disappointed. If it’s a mythical creature y"The  #Unicorns in #Ireland"ou are looking to spot in Ireland, we DO have plenty of…..#Unicorns. And you can see them throughout the Emerald Isle, begorrah. 

A large number of these #technology superstars have chosen the green grass of #Ireland to set down their #European roots.

It seems these guys know when they are on to a good thing – as Ireland is the consistently voted one of the Best Places in the World to do Business.

So bring your scrapbook and camera & a resume :) and see if you can spot any of the following #Unicorns who are hiring in #Ireland: 

Airbnb Uber
Dropbox Stripe
DocuSign Slack
MongoDB Twilio
Zalando Qualtrics
Coupa Software PureStorage
Survey Monkey Living Social
Eventbrite Gilt Groupe
Pivotal Software Shopify
Simplivity Automattic

If you want to learn more about why these companies choose Ireland & what they are doing there, get in touch @DeeMorany or:

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