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 Fuel your Day the Right Way!

Top Tips for Energy at the Workplace

Recently I organised a women in tech/fdi get together and asked a friend, up-and-coming dietician Orla Walsh, to come and give the group some health tips and eating guidelines. Naturally enough, with the audience leading hectic work and personal schedules, the focus shifted quickly to energy levels at work and how to best fuel the body for this!

There was a lot of “no really”, “no wait I thought that was being healthy”, and “oh gosh I am gonna have to rethink that” but overall they key message was about keeping EVERY meal balanced. And by balanced Orla pointed out that each meal should have the right balance of protein, carbs and greens. i.e. having a healthy lunch followed by an unhealthy dinner is not a #balanceddietl! 

So here are my top 6 take-away tips:

  1. Forget cash or content……Breakfast is King – fuel your body for the day and help maintain stable energy levels and metabolism throughout. #Recommendation: MILK is better than water for your porridge but don’t forget to throw in a handful of berries or seeds to keep the #balancedmeal approach.
  2. Carbs should make up the smallest portion on your plate, followed by protein and then lots of greens and veg - #balancedmeal
  3. Habit eating is BAD!!! Saying ‘but I always have that then’ is just a habit and a mind set, it can be stopped so no more biscuits with those cups of tea #notneeded
  4. Fuel your body every 4 hours during the day with #healthysnacks. #Recommendation: try having a piece of fruit, handful of unsalted nuts or dried fruit.
  5. Dont drink the coolade - drink water regularly, not only does it keep you full for longer, it improves blood circulation and replenishes your skin:  #Recomendation:  2 litres of water, easy to do if you bring in a bottle and keep at your desk
  6. Exercise – not having time is no longer excuse #Recommendation squats at your desk, stairs not lifts, 10 minute walk at lunch, getting off public transport a stop early etc.

Perhaps my favourite quote from the night:

“Remember your body is the one thing that is and will always be only yours so be good to it give it the right fuel it deserves, if you aren’t going to be happy with throwing your smartphone around and smashing it up then you shouldn’t be doing the same to your body with poor food choices”


With #SXSW just about to kick off it is easy to get caught up in the hype of networking parties, free food offers and eating on the go. But keeping the above in mind I will be armed with a stickful of nuts and a bottle of water at all times and I WILL NOT SKIP BREAKFAST – after all the idea behind it is to break the fast your body has had during the night!!

#healthyeating #balancedmeal

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